The Arrow Project Pays Tribute to Nilsson Schmilsson! 1 Show Only! Sunday March 9 at Zen Lounge in Burlington!


This is a one night only show! the Arrow Project will be performing the Nilsson Schmilsson Album in it’s entirety starting at 6:30pm! If you show up at 7:30pm the show will be over!

The Arrow Project is:

Bones Blankinship (guitar/mandolin/harmonica/vocals)
Megan Calla (piano/vocals)
Rüfus T. Süperfly (guitar/bass/vocals)
Blake Talley (traps/percussion)
Nate Venet (bass/accordion/vocals)
Syndi Zook (tambourine/vibraslap/vocals)

With Very Special Guest:

Dostie Head

When he’s not kickin’ ass & making frames he’s singing – Nilsson songs! Yes! Encouragement! One afternoon several months ago Dostie was perusing Netflix when he stumbled upon a documentary film called Who is Harry Nilsson! He watched it. He was moved. Shortly after Dostie attended a Swale show at Nectar’s and after one too many said to Bones Blankinship: “We should put a band together and cover Nilsson Schmilsson.” Bones said: “Yes! Encouragement!” And so they did…and on Sunday March 9, 2014 they will perform Nilsson Schmilsson for the people of Burlington and all will be rejoiced and filled with encouragement! Yes!


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