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Leo is on house arrest. He lives in a fleabag apartment on West 48th St. in New York City with his best friend Artie, a strange garbage picker. When Leo and Artie decide to have company over for the first time in years they spend an evening with `Lori an Tess that will alter their condition forever.

This is Live Theatre!

Starring Aaron Masi, Dostie, Tobin Jordan & Tracey Girdich

Performances will occur at Off Center for the Dramatic Arts

Thurs May 21, 8pm
Fri May 22, 8pm
Sat May 23, 8pm

…and again

Weds May 27, 8pm
Thurs May 28, 8pm
Fri May 29, 8pm
Sat May 30, 8pm

Tickets are $15.00 at the door and available at